JewelMint`s Darling Audrey Earrings

4 years ago

Hi everyone! It`s been a while since I`ve posted about a new JM piece, and I`ve actually added a few to my collection so I figured they should get posted up before they get too backed up. These are the Darling Audrey earrings and they are just one of a few re-colors of the original, very popular Very Audrey earrings which were originally clear petals with a yellow center. The different versions of the Audreys include: - Very Audrey (original): clear with yellow center - Forever Audrey: clear with charcoal/clear center - Darling Audrey: yellow with clear center - Lovely Audrey: pink with clear center I was intrigued by the Audreys, but the clear ones didn`t seem to unique to me even though they were very popular because they are so versatile. When the yellow and pink versions came out, I decided to jump on the yellow ones because they are something I would never go for. These earrings are gorgeous and very sparkly in person, but when I pulled mine out of the box, BOTH of the posts were bent, one more horribly so than the other (pictures #3 and #4). Another issue a lot of people have with the Audreys, all versions of them, is that the stones can be horribly mis-set so sometimes they will fall out when worn or simply just handling them. I actually did get one with a mis-set stone and bought another set to exchange and get a better pair. The Audreys are fairly large for flower earrings: they are about a big as a nickel, so if you have small earlobes these may pose a problem. The Darling Audreys (yellow) and the Lovely Audreys (pink) are still both available on the website, so if you`re interested in those go pick them up! Thanks for reading! Do you have these or any of the other Audreys? What do you think of them? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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