JewelMint`s Bombay Paris Bracelet and Covet Rings

4 years ago

Hi everyone! I`m still trying to get through all of these posts that are backed up on my computer so here goes nothing. These are the Bombay Paris Bracelet and Covet Rings from JewelMint. Bombay Paris is still available as of this post, and the January collection actually features a necklace with the pendant being the same as the medallion of the bracelet. The Covet Rings are not available right now but they may come back later or you may find someone selling them on eBay or a trade group. The Bombay Paris bracelet is a very feminine and dainty bracelet that has a very romantic feel. It`s 7 inches long and one inch wide. While I think the bracelet is very pretty and definitely my style, I`m not sure it`s worth the full price of $30. The quality is good, but not the best that JewelMint has offered in the past. I was initially hesitant about the Covet Rings because they are a re-color of the original Lady Noir rings, but after seeing people post pictures of them, I took the leap. These rings are so pretty. They are a set of two rings: one is a pillow cut purple gem and a round opal-type of ring and both are gold-plated. I purchased these in my usual size 8 and they are pretty true to size. While I don`t wear them together, they are nice rings to wear separately. They are pretty well made and don`t feel flimsy or cheap. Are they worth the full price? If you`re looking at it as $15 per ring, then no. But right now I don`t really think most of the JewelMint pieces are worth the $30 price tag and it`s much wiser to wait for a good sale. Thanks for reading! Do you have either of these pieces? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did you know there`s going to be another Bay Area Luuux Meet Up? Check out Mica G`s post /viz/another-bay-area-meet for all the details!

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