JewelMint`s Baltic Gem Ring

4 years ago

Hi everyone! Here is another JewelMint piece that I picked up last month. This is the long awaited Baltic Gem Ring, that refashioned from the original Baltic Gem Earrings. The JewelMint Facebook app had a section where you could vote on which piece you would like to see refashioned, and then there was another vote to determine what it would be refashioned into. The Baltic Gem Ring was the clear winner and this had been voted on last year and was only just released last month. It incorporated the top part of the Baltic Gem Earrings which features a large oval amethyst color stone and three small round lilac colored stones. I believe the Baltic Gem Earrings were set in shiny silver, but this ring was more of an oxidized silver. I was really excited to get this ring when it was initially released because this was the piece I loved most out of the refashions, so it was just a matter of JewelMint making good on their promise. However, when I received the ring I was less enthused. First off, I ordered a size 8 which is normally what I wear on my right hand`s middle finger, but this ring was just a bit too big for it so the design would slide from side to side. Secondly, the design was not what I expected. It looks like it`s supposed to from the front, but I would have preferred that the band actually start at the edge of the stones` setting instead of the setting sitting on top of the band (picture #4). That is a peculiarity of mine and I`m not even sure if I explained it well. The third issue is just another peculiarity of mine, and I knew about this going in, but I thought I could overcome it for this ring: I have a thing about symmetry. If it can be symmetrical, I want it to be. I love high-low dresses because it`s symmetrical from the front into a left and right half. I will not wear dresses that have a short left hem and long right hem because that`s not symmetrical from the front. Technically this ring`s design is symmetrical, but it`s not symmetrical according to the plane of my finger, and that drives me crazy. So for all those reasons I had to return the ring. It wasn`t really the ring`s fault, it`s actually my peculiarities that made me not love the ring. It`s good quality and has a nice weight to it, but I couldn`t get over how it looked. This ring is still available in all size (6, 7 and 8) if you`re interested in it. Thanks for reading! Have you gotten anything from JewelMint lately? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I`ve recently added a bunch of new items including some MAC shadows, some Urban Decay items and some other makeup and jewelry. I`ve also lowered the prices on some of the items.

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