Jewelmint Winter Mystery Box

4 years ago

So I recently got one of the Jewelmint winter mystery boxes where you get four pieces for $29.99. I haven`t gotten any Jewelmint recently just because honestly, I feel like it`s not worth it and I can easily find similar pieces elsewhere. But I am still subscribed to the site and I do check it at the least every month, so something`s keeping me going :) But I got the mystery box because at least you get each piece for $7.50. That I feel like is still maybe a little expensive depending on what you get, but at least it`s much better than $30. So here`s what I got.

Bazaar Bangle: Haha this was the first thing I pulled out and my eyes were just like o.O It took me a split second to realize it was a bracelet. First off, it`s way too big for my wrists. The model wears it a lot better, but I can`t seem to replicate how it looks in the picture. The paint job is really well done though and just as a piece itself regardless of it`s purpose, I think it`s really beautiful. But immediately I thought, maybe I`ll just use it as decoration and put a cup in the middle. Hahaha. But it really is too large for my wrist. Imagine having a square heavy piece of metal around your wrist.

Flora Pendant: This one I actually quite like. I like any of their kind of vintage-looking pieces. I have one of their necklaces from a while pack that`s like a perfume bottle and .. wow. I just realized that`s a flask.. oh my.. But it`s still cute!! It`s not too big and the pendant is well done. I like it :)

Prima Donna Necklace: Ehhh.. not a big fan of this, but I will wear it. It has a sort of cloudy beads which.. I hate wearing beads. I`d rather not mix metal and plastic. And pearls and those crystal divider things. It`s really long so you would probably double it up. Again it`s sort of iffy to me, but I`ll still try to wear it.

Charmed Life Bracelet: The little kid in me was pretty excited when I saw this one. It`s a charm bracelet!!! I know it may be for a slightly younger crowd, but I`m 21, I can still wear charm bracelet :P I had actually noticed this bracelet earlier just on the site and saw that it had a mini eiffel tower charm on it. And if you know me, I`m obsessed with anything eiffel tower or paris. Realllyyy want to go there.. The charms themselves are really good quality, I was actually surprised and almost didn`t want to keep it out of the bag for fear of letting it tarnish quicker lol. But the rhinestones on the lips, star and branch charms were really secure and nothing was chipped or anything. I actually really like this one :D

So yep. The mystery box is still going on until they sell out so if your`e interested, go check it out :) I personally skip my showroom every month but every now and then when I see deals, I get one of these boxes. And if you got one of these boxes, let me know what you got! :)

Pictures by meee :)
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