Jewelmint Haul and Review

3 years ago

I used to buy things from Jewelmint on and off. They were having a special on a mystery box where you pay $24.99 and you get a mystery box with up to five pieces. Sounds like a great deal. So in addition to getting the mystery box, I got two of these knuckle armor rings.

So my thoughts on the items I got, the knuckle armor ring was not as dainty as I thought it`d be, but its okay. The mystery box however, I was highly disappointed in. I didn`t like any of the pieces in there. The reason why I was disappointed was because this site advertises that they pick styles and pieces based off of your own style. Generally, in my showroom are pretty nice looking pieces and its pretty spot on with what I like. So I guess I had that expectation with the mystery box. Boy was I disappointed.

The mystery box felt more like a box of stuff no one really wants. In it, I got some sort of bug encrusted bangle, a cage like bracelet, a pair of plastic square bangles, a thin leather wrap around bracelet with jewels on it and a pair of earrings. I got this knowing I probably wouldn`t like every single thing I got, but not expecting to not like anything. Pretty disappointed in Jewelmint. Hopefully this isn`t their way of offloading unwanted products to their consumers.

What do you guys think of Jewelmint?

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