Jewellery Storage - HALF GLASS amp HALF FURNITURE !

4 years ago

okay.. so this blog is going to be for those girlies that own a lot and i mean a lot of jewelerry (such as myself) I tend to see something that i like and buy so much of it. Well i used to see like one stud that i liked and i would end up buying the same stud in like good 7 colours.. HEHE! I have calmed down a lot now, but you can imagine how much jewels i actually own right now. I own so many studs.. and so many rings especially... Along side with so many necklaces.. But i dont own so many NECKLACES but they are still quiet a lot compared to the rest.. LOL!

So.. this jewellery storage is just PERFECT! I just love the glass and the wood bits.. I also like the little boxes that are made out of FURNITURE because that way i can put my rings in.. or studs in.. So maybe a pair of stud in one of the boxes. That way it would be so easy to find studs.. (:
So.. this is going to be amazing! }
I would love love love to buy something like this..

So, anyways what are your thoughts on this jewellery STORAGE?
- would you ever buy something like this?

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