Jetskiing is freakin` FUN!

Jet-skiing is more of a recreational activity however it "could" be classified into a sport when you`re racing, competing, or some sort of water events occur. They have some Jet Skiing competitions just not as popular as Tennis, Football, Basketball and so forth. Even though jet-skiing is a recreational activity, fun for the family -- it could also be dangerous when you`re going at high speeds, doing tricks, the waves could be choppy and so forth. Please be careful and always wear a life jacket!

<em>But..</em> I haven`t been on a Jet Ski in forever and I had a blast when I went jet-skiing! =) You don`t have to own a Jet Ski to have fun, you can rent some. I bet it`d be fun to do tricks on the Jet ski`s but I`d be so afraid!

<strong>Have you ever been Jet-Skiing? What do you like to do at the beach?</strong> I think it would be a fun idea to rent some jet ski`s if you`re having a beach party. You can split the cost and everyone can have some fun in the water!

<em>If you`re ever in Southern California visiting you can rent Jet Ski`s at:</em>

San Diego Motorsport Rentals & San Diego Jet Ski Rentals
Pacific Boat Rentals
Carlsbad Lagoon

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