Jet Force Gemini

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More game reviews coming right up! This game is called Jet Force Gemini. Released back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, you play the main characters from a lone squad of young space enforcers called Jet Force. 2 Human characters, Juno and his Twin sister Vela (hints the Gemini in the game title), and their super smart dog Lupus. As these three characters you`ve been cut off from the rest of the Jet Force forces and must stop an evil Bug Warlord called Mizar and all of his ant minions from having their revenge on an old magical alien species called the Tribles, all by yourselves.

The game play`s controls are very simple to comprehend. Though it may take a few minutes to get acclimated to the controls. Given that this is an N64 game the joystick on the controller is invaluable in this game as you`ll be doing a lot with it. From the usual shooting the heads off of ants or racing jet cars and playing little arcade games within the game itself. Graphics were excellent for N64 games since this was a very late game to the system. It also takes advantage of the N64`s Expansion pack by improving the character models and the surrounding landscapes and levels. (Anyone who`s played this game should know about Vela`s "graphics"). The sounds were very well made. All the different weapons got their own distinct sound effects. But not just the weapons but every little part of the game has its own unique sound effect as well. Something that was quite rare for an N64 game. Best of all was its Soundtrack however, which was very highly praised by fans and critics. The storyline however is rather liner and doesn`t really get interesting until 3/4 of the way through the game. Never-the-less the the good plots twists and dark turn of events near the end will hook you. And this is not a short game by any means either. This game will take you DAYS to complete, especially if you want to complete it with 100% everything done and goals met. At times the game will seem tedious and having to repeat levels to get all 100% of the game done can get a little aggravating (especially the really hard levels). However it will still keep you coming back for more.

All in all this is a VERY fun game and I love it! I`ve played through it many times with 100% everything done and each time there`s something new that I learn or something that I`ve forgotten about in the game. This game I guarantee will keep your going for days. So I DO highly recommend it!

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