Jersey Shore Series 1-5 review.

5 years ago

So like I said in my previous post I recently watched all of Jersey Shore, I watched them in a weird order (4,5,1,2,3) so bare that in mind.
Well the first thing has to be Sam and Ron, the worst and most annoying relationship known to man. It didn`t bother me in series 1,2,4 and 5, but when I started watched series 3 it made me want to kill the (I have no idea wether this is because thats the worst they had been or because it was the last series I watched and finally got fed up). At the start of series 3 I felt sorry for Mike because he has to share a room with them, which must have been hell. But by the end of the series he got involved to heavily and it wasn`t fair. Glad there was no Sam and Ron drama in series 5 though!
Then we come to `The Situation` most of the time I don`t mind Mike because he is always trying to be there for the house mates but then he just turns and does mean things.
That Angelina was so annoying even her `errm hello?!` title thing was annoying. She didn`t make any effort with anyone the whole time and just tried to cause arguments. I was so glad when she left because I love Deena, I love her and Snooki in series 4 in Italy they made me laugh so much I love Snooki in the Uk Jersey Shore is nowhere near as big so its hard to know all the ins and out of the roomates but Snooki get so much bad press but I don`t think she should she is just small cute and amazing. I also have alot of love for JWOWW all she does it stick up for her friends, yeah most of the time it backfires on her but its sweet the way she sticks up for all the girls and has everyone back. I LOVE Pauly D and Vinny who doesn`t seriously? they are so funny I just thing is great how someone can just be fighting right in front of them ( mainly Sam and Ron) and they can just be banging on about t-shirt time I love it!
I really wish Vinny and Snooki would get together, I know its not going to happen but still, think they would be such a cute couple!
I love Jersey Shore and can`t wait for Series 6!

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