Jergens Natural Glow: It`s Tanning Time!

4 years ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers! I dropped in to CVS yesterday because all Natural Glow products were on sale, and I decided it was time I kicked off the summer with a bit of color! Now, anyone who knows me at all knows that I am obsessed with safe sun. I don`t leave the house without putting sunscreen on my exposed skin. I have very fair skin that burns easily, and I know that even being out in the sun for fifteen minutes will give me a burn. I have had a family member pass away from melanoma directly as a result of not being careful in the sun. If you take anything away from this post, it is PRACTICE SAFE SUN! Cancer is real and it is deadly!! Besides, even if tanning doesn`t ever give you cancer, it WILL give you wrinkles and sunspots, and those are no fun! If you care about beauty, using sunscreen is the most important thing you can do for future beautiful self!

Phew, OK, off my soapbox! Now on to the haul! :)

I have used Natural Glow products on-and-off for eight years now. Wow, that makes me feel really old! The old formulation used to stink like crazy, and the color was alright but was nothing special. I tried Natural Glow again last year, and I was pleasantly surprised with the result! However, I somehow managed to misplace that bottle so I bought another yesterday. This formula is the "Revitalizing" one, which claims to have ingredients that make the color last longer. Sounds promising! I decided to get the one for Medium/Dark skintones even though I have really fair skin because I think the color is less orange than the fair/medium one.

I also got the formula for your face, since in the past I`ve used the regular lotion on my face and it makes me feel really greasy and it broke me out! The lotion only came in a fair/medium color, so I just grabbed that one. The bottle had a coupon to save $2/2 Natural Glow products, so I got to save more money! Woohoo!

Along with these two things, I also got a box of vinyl gloves, because that`s my favorite way to apply these lotions so I don`t get orange palms! But I didn`t include them in the picture because that would be boring, haha.

I used both of these lotions last night, and I am amazed that Jergens keeps improving their formula year after year. It smells SO GOOD! I knew that the smell would eventually wear off and the awful DHA smell would be there in the morning, but I woke up this morning and the DHA smell was so faint I barely noticed it at all! SCORE!!!! Usually when I use self-tanners I feel like I have to take a shower right away because it smells so awful, but this is by far the most pleasant-smelling self-tanner I have used to date. HAPPY JANE! LOL! The color also looks great, very subtle since I only used it once, and I have zero streaks!

The face lotion also looks awesome, I love the color its brought to my complexion. My face doesn`t feel greasy at all and it feels very hydrated. The face lotion also has SPF 20 so it`s nice if I want to use it as my daily moisturizer in the morning as well! The one pet peeve I have with self-tanners is that they always fade from my face more quickly than my body because of washing makeup off my face. With this lotion, I can just put it on after taking my makeup off every night and the color will be back in the morning!

So far, I highly recommend these products. They are an excellent, easy, and realistic alternative to tanning in the sun! PLEASE, Luuuxers, I beg you, do not tan with UV light! Why risk it when you have awesome, inexpensive alternatives at the drugstore? :D By the way, stay on the lookout, I will be reviewing the other self-tanners (the non-gradual ones) that I absolutely love!

Talk to you soon guys!


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