Jergen`s Natural Glow

4 years ago

A little over a year ago, I picked up the Jergen`s Natural Glow self-tanning lotion in hopes that it would it make my legs a bit tanner since I am incredibly pale. But after a couple days of use, I found that my legs became darker, but they were very uneven. Certain areas of my legs were splotchy and much tanner while other patches remained the same color. And around my ankles, the skin turned an unsightly orange color.

I also noticed that the lotion itself is infused with loads of micro shimmers, which I don`t completely understand the purpose of. The label on the bottle also advertised that the lotion aids in cellulite reduction. I didn`t notice a huge difference in the tightness or firmness of my skin, but I did not really use this for an extended period amount of time, so logically I did not notice any results.

Overall, I was not particularly impressed with this raved-about self-tanner and now I am just trying to use it up as a moisturizer once a week to prevent my skin from gaining any color from the product.

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