Jen`s Ombre Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair

4 years ago

I was at Winners the other day and found an interesting hair curler by a brand called Bellezza for I think $29.99 (see last photo). I had to have it because this curler seems so different from the ones I already have. It doesn`t have a clip so I have to use my hand to manually wrap my hair around the wand.

Although it sounds like more work than the traditional wand, it`s actually quite easy to use once you get some practice. The one I bought doesn`t have any temperature choices so there`s only a button to turn the curler on and off. It heats up in 15-20 seconds which is super convenient. I think it comes with a heat-proof glove that you can use to protect your hand when you curl your hair, but I`ve never used it.

So in the first photo, you can see that I have borderline ombre hair. The top part of my hair is black, which is my original hair color. The bottom gets more and more light. This effect is not intentional at all. About 2 years ago, I had light brown hair. Then I decided to dye it darker. Then I decided to go back to black again. So this ombre effect was "accidentally" achieved as my hair went from light to dark and as the hair dye gradually faded. Before ombre became the trend, I`ve actually had many people ask me how I got my hair to have gradient color and they really like it, but I didn`t like the effect at the time. So it`s funny how something I hate just sort of became a hot trend. I`m okay with it now though.

Anyways, back to the curler. The first photo is what my hair looks like after I curled AND brushed it to make the curls more loose. The second photo shows how my hair looks like BEFORE I brushed it and loosened up the curls. The third photo is a comparison between my curled hair and straight hair. I know my staight hair doesn`t look extremely nice right now. I`ve been cutting my own hair for a while so it`s definitely not comparable to somebody who goes to the salon.

Do you guys own a curler like this? Do you curl your hair often? Let me know!

*Photos are my own. Please do not take or use without permission.

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