Jen`s New Iphone Game Addiction

4 years ago

A couple of days ago, I found this really great FREE Iphone game in the app store. It`s called "Monsters Ate My Condons". It`s the type of game that you can start anytime and end anytime, which means that it`s great for when you are just waiting for somebody or just simply need a break.

The concept of the game is super easy to understand. You can sort of say that it`s a mixture between Jenga and Bejeweled, but with really cute graphics. So how the game works is that condons bricks come in different colors and they fall from the top. When you match 3 condons of the same color, they combine to become an upgraded condo. How you can get 3 of the same colors together is to get rid of the differently colored condos inbetween the same colored condos by feeding the differently colored ones to the 2 monsters on the side. But, say for example, the monster happens to be red. Then you have to try to feed it a red combo. When you feed the wrong colors to the monster, they will get mad and stomp really hard to make your building fall apart. Once the first condo falls and touches the ground, it`s game over in Endless Mode.

I love games like this that doesn`t get you all worked up and nervous. After all, the point of playing a game is to relax, and this game does that.

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