Jennifer Lawrence Pee`s Her Pants On Hunger Game Set?

5 years ago

Yes, that`s right. Kind of, the actress <strong> Jennifer Lawrence</strong> who plays the brave <strong> Katniss Everdeen</strong> from one of the most looked forward to movies "The Hunger Games"

I am so excited for this movie, i cry thinking about it. aha ;) But on set <strong> Josh Hutcherson</strong> who is playing the loyal and good looking <strong> Peeta Mellark</strong> played a couple of jokes.

If any of you recall in the first book " Hunger Games" there was one part where there was a Tracker Jacker nest and Katniss used this to her advantage. Basically when the hive fell it targeted everyone, including Katniss, but Glimmer and another tribuite were killed in the attack.

<strong> Anyway</strong>, what happened was they had a dummy they used in the scene, which was all gross and messed up with stings all over the mangled body and all swollen.

Josh took it when Jennifer was out of her trailer he sneaked in and put it on her toilet, and for an extra effect had it hold a toilet paper roll. Josh makes me laugh!

When Jennifer opened the door she screamed so much her friend had to calm her down and tell her it was fake, Josh was later told she peed her pants in fright!

<strong> Are you excited for the movie? I`m excited for the tracker Jacker scene! I love the Hunger games! Josh Hutcherson seems so funny and down to earth, what do you think?</strong>

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