Jennifer Lawrence is possible almost perfect

I love Jennifer Lawrence, and for more than just her movies. Trust me, I do enjoy her films, she`s great at what she does. But she`s more than that. She`s real. She is possibly one of the realest celebrities out there.

Sure, she may not be everyone`s cup of tea, but she`s great. She doesn`t condemn to what society wants her to be. She isn`t going to diet, she doesn`t care if she looks fat. She`s beautiful and confident and a good role model for girls. Believe me, I have had my share of `oh, I hate the way I look` or `I look really fat, I hate myself`, and I`m sure she has too (cause let`s face it, every woman has and if you say you haven`t, you`re lying) but she is real. She looks like a real person. She tells the truth about her body, about how she sees her body and how she wants to make it look and if anyone tries to tell her to change it, then they can go fuck themselves.

But she`s more than a good role model for body positivity. She`s funny and talented and seems like such a down to earth person.

Of course, she has her moments where she`s going to do something that maybe society doesn`t agree with, but she`s human. She`s human and she does things just like everyone else that isn`t being watched by cameras all the time.

I have so much respect for her, and I hope that one day I`ll get the chance to meet her (I`d say work with her, because I do want to be an actress, but meeting is a bit more realistic at the moment).

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