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5 years ago

By now you probably know about the movie/books "The Hunger Games", where Jennifer Lawrance stars. The story has a lot of action and physical demands. After being criticized because she wasn`t ultra thin for the movie and responded about the double standard and the fact that actresses are criticized for looking to thin but also criticized when they don`t, which is unfortunately true and I agree, she looks perfectly fine and healthy, yet the comments about her body were still made.

But despite that, Jennifer Lawrence played the role Katniss and the movie had a lot of physically demands scenes, to which Jennifer had to train for in order to be able to do them.
She trained with Joseph Horrigan for 6 weeks to prepare for the movie and besides changing her diet to one with more carbs for more energy, here is what she did in terms of exercise:

-Track drills
- Agility training
-Running/Sprint training
-Medicine ball exercises
-Stationary bike for more cardio
-Stunt training ( Climbing, jumping obstacles)
-Archery workout
-Skipping, which apparently she really enjoyed.

As you can see, it was very hard to train for the movie and it required a big effort and she needed to be fit with a good diet, so she deserves congrats on her training for the movie and just ignore the comments.

<strong>What do you think of her Hunger Games training program? Would you be able to do it?
Do you agree with her or the critics about the body image comments ?</strong>

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