Jennifer Lawrence Airbrushed Cover Before and After Sparks Outrage

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence`s old 2011 cover for the Canadian fashion magazine, Flare, has popped back up because the airbrushing behind the cover has been revealed! Not only did the magazine bronze her skin, they also elongated her body, chiseled her cheekbones, and boosted her cleavage causing an online uproar as people question whether or not the touching up is even necessary for the beauty that is Jennifer Lawrence.

It`s been a common debate going on lately, whether or not airbrushing is necessary or not and why society finds it necessary to airbrush an already beautiful woman to fit the conforms of what THEY believe is beauty. In my opinion, she is already pretty to begin with and by airbrushing her, they`re giving young girls everywhere very unrealistic beliefs on what they can become and what beautiful means. We should embrace our flaws and imperfections and look up to a more realistic definition of beauty, not the photoshopped computer generated definition of beauty we`re currently being given. What do you guys think?

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