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I`ve never seen anyone on Luuux do an entire closet tour type post, so I figured it would be a fun thing to start! I love shopping, which explains everything in my closet haha. But don`t get me wrong, I love scoring a deal! I buy a ton of "trendy" pieces on sale, but spend a little extra on pieces that I can wear forever (basic shirts, heels, boots, etc.) I`m not trying to brag in any way about my closet or what I have... i`m very thankful for everything I have and I would never try to "show off" what I have.

<strong> Photo 1: </strong> This is an overview of my entire closet. In the next pictures i`ll go into detail on everything. I just want to talk about my hangers really quickly- their from Bed Bath & Beyond and save SO much space. I love hanging up my clothes because they don`t get wrinkled like they might in a drawer, so these hangers work perfectly for all my clothes. You can also get these at Target and a few other places.

<strong> Photo 2: </strong> This is my jewelry collection. I did a post on this not too long ago. I made the jewelry organizer by myself with some wood, fabric, and staple gun, and some nails. I hang a bunch of my jewelry here.

<strong> Photo 3: </strong> Those three baskets are from Target. My mom got them a few years ago and I use them to store my belts, scarves, and hats. As you can see I clearly need to get a larger basket for my scarves because their starting to pile up haha!

<strong> Photo 4: </strong> These are a bunch of my smaller bags. Satchels, coin purses, wallets, wristlets, clutches, stuff like that. I put a piggy pank there to hold them up to they stay standing up.

<strong> Photo 5: </strong> Those two shelves hold my purses. I love purses and tend to collect them, as you can see haha. They are all stacked on top of eachother because thats the only way I can fit them!

<strong> Photo 6: </strong> On the bottom is where I keep a large jewelry chest (which holds majority of my jewelry), two Steve Madden boxes that contain ballet flats, a Juicy Couture box that contains slippers, and two other pairs of slippers that I were most often. I put those out of boxes so I can grab them easily.

<strong> Photo 7: </strong> I got this shoe organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond a few years back. Here I store a bunch of random shoes- Uggs, snow boots, heels, wedges, ballet flats.

<strong> Photo 8: </strong> Here I have some more boots and Uggs. Their lined up in the back with magazines rolled up in them so they stand up straight.

<strong> Photo 9: </strong> Here is a basket of sandals and flip flops. I got this idea from Juicystar07 (Blair Fowler) on YouTube. I loved the way she stored her summer shoes in a basket because it saves SO much space.

<strong> Photo 10: </strong> Here is just a close up of the basket- again sandals and flip flops are kept in there. I believe the basket is from Target.

<strong> Photo 11: </strong> Now into my clothes. To the left of my closet, I keep dresses, skirts, strapless tops, etc. I keep them in the back in the winter but move them forward in the spring and summer.

<strong> Photo 11: </strong> Here I just have random shirts. I have some long sleeved shirts, short sleeve, quarter sleeve, and nicer tanks. I would love to say that everything is completely organized by style and by color, but sadly I haven`t gotten to that yet! In a few weekends i`m going to work on that though.

<strong> Photo 12: </strong> Here are some of my jeans and leggings, and to the right of that are some "nicer" sweatshirts. They are either Juicy Couture zip-ups or sweatshirts from Victoria`s Secret with rhinestones and sequins on them. I hang these up because I don`t want them to get ruined.

I hope you all enjoyed my closet tour! I hope some of you will do a closet tour post like this one, i`d love to see yours!

<strong> *Photos belong to me. Please do NOT take! </strong>

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