JELLO Liquid or Solid!!!! :o WOW

4 years ago

WHo knew you could actually learn something in science!

Gelatin itself is made of a protein. (Proteins are solids at most temperatures.) When you mix the jello powder into the hot water, the protein actually dissolves in the water. But like many things, it`s harder for the protein to stay dissolved in cold water than in hot water. So as the solution cools down, the protein comes out of solution and turns back into a solid. But it doesn`t just form a solid that settles onto the bottom, like a mixture of water and sand would.

As the protein molecules come out of solution, they stick to each other. When they stick to each other, they form a complicated matrix that runs all through the jello. You can think of it as a giant mixed-up jungle gym of little protein molecules all sticking together. They water molecules get caught up inside this matrix so they can`t just drain out.

So all things said and done, jello is basically a solid suspended in a liquid. The scientific word for this is a `colloid`. If you heat it up enough, the solid will become dissolved again it will become a liquid all through. But if you cool it down enough, the liquid water will freeze and it will become a solid all through.

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