Jello Diet

4 years ago

So I`m on this new diet called the Jello Diet. And all it consists of is eating nothing but fat-free jello for all 3 meals. You`re supposed to lose 10 lbs in the first week you try this!

I`m just joking.

There is no such diet called the Jello Diet and it`s also dangerous to lose 10 lbs in a week.

However, I do have to eat only jello for today. I have a medical exam that requires me to fast for an entire day while taking laxatives to clear out my large intestine.

The only "solid" food I`m allowed is jello. And the sad news is, the only form of jello I have comes in the form of 10 calorie packs.

So my breakfast, lunch and dinner today consist of:
Lime Jello - 40 calories
Cherry Jello - 40 calories
Lychee Jello - 160 calories

And I just ran 5 km today which means I also burned 250 calories on top of my regular BMR.

Guess I have to eat more after the exam tomorrow.

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