Jelena Break Up!

4 years ago

There is a very big rumour of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez`s break up, starting from the photo captioned `lingse`.
If you have not heard about that, it`s a photo of Justin looking a bit sad on Twitter and he put `lingse` as the caption which many Beliebers think is an anagram for `single`. He deleted shortly after.
A few days later, Justin performed at the Victoria`s Secret show, and after the show, he was said to be flirting with the models and asking for their numbers, which was also said to be taped by his friends backstage. A day or two after, he was seen going to a date with one of the models, Barbara Palvin, to the theatre to watch The Lion King. When the paparazzi took photos of Justin going to the theatre, he was wearing a suit which basically showed it was a date and he looked rather sad and his eyes were red.
Selena also posted a picture of Justin wearing the suit with his friend which was took before the date and posted it on Twitter with the caption `....` which shows that it was awkward and she wasn`t very happy.
Also, Selena and her friends have been posting bad things about the Jelena relationship on Twitter.
The couple were usually good going through rumours and proving that they were still together, but I don`t think this one is a rumour anymore.
What do you think, is this a rumour or have they really broken up?

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