Jeepers Creepers

4 years ago

Directed By Victor Salva.

Oh, I just love movies that have gruesome creatures that have an oddity for human parts. Seriously, one that will go down in books or at least a comic book. If you guys don`t know or haven`t seen this, well, then, a road trip adventure with brother and sister can carry you a long way without making you bored or shut down. They get chased by a strange vintage automobile on there way back to there parents after college. So they disregarded it for the meantime but when they discovered that they weren`t alone on every stop. They get the police involved and yet again more screamish events occur and yet none has a weapon to help them. It`s like are they new to this, these movies make me laugh at times. Anyways, amazing enough they get through how many obstacles until one gets trapped and taken away into the dark creatures lab where he is then open and hung. It`s morbid. So beware. Have a fun time watching and be safe everyone!

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