Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame - New Perfume!

5 years ago

This perfume is one that I have been wanting since I was like, 13 years old. I thought the ad for it was stunning; it featured Jean Paul Gaultier himself and a short-haired blonde girl, all black and white, holding the seductive little bottle itself, but in pink. And I thought it smelled amazing instantly. It became one of those perfumes that "I really have to have...but not anytime soon."
So, here I am, almost 19 years old....and I see it in stores for the first time...ON THE SALE RACK. YAAAY!
My friend and I went shopping last weekend, and I didn`t bring any money with me since she was just going for a few things and I was trying to save money (yeah, right). Anyways, we headed over to TJ Maxx since we were aiting for another store to open. I spotted this perfume on the sale rack for $29.99!!!!!! I had actually planned on ordering it online just a week before that for double the cash. I made an immediate mental note that I needed to come back ASAP.
Unfortunatly, that was at a TJ Maxx about 30 minutes away from me.
But today while I was driving back from the bank, right after cashing my paycheck, I decided that I was going to head over to my closer TJ Maxx and check for it. Couldn`t hurt, right? I went to the perfume sale section, and at first didn;t see it. Let`s say I was pretty bummed. I went to walk away and I spotted a black, pink, and white box behind a bunch of others, and grabbed it. Sure enough, it was this! Yay!
The first thing I noticed was that the packaging was different than the original. I read the box carefully and it said it was the same fragrance, but in a collector bottle. Whatever just as long as it smelled the same. The only big difference between this bottle and the original, is that this one has the stickers on the front and back, and the original is just all glass, but with the same dress form in it. I`m not CRAZY about this bottle, but that`s ok. If they ever start to bug me too much, I could always find a way to remove them.
This is a decent sized bottle too - 2.5 fl oz! Oh, and if you`re wondering why the box is broken, you can thank my cashier. TJ Maxx perfumes come in plastic boxes that lock, and when she was trying to get it out, she pulled it out pretty forcefully, and it ripped. Ugh. Oh well, good thing I didn`t plan on keeping the box anyways.
This perfume smells really fresh, and lady-like. And like roses. I can`t wait to start wearing it! xox

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