JC Penney Bra Haul! (new pricing structure!)

5 years ago

I popped by the mall with my primary intent to go to Victorias Secret to redeem my Secret Reward. Of course after picking up my panties, I headed to JC Penney because I knew they changed their pricing structure and I wanted to see if they still had their winter clearance going (they didnt, so bummer!). What I mean by this is, JC Penney used to have solid pricing so if the tag said $35 it was $35 unless you had a coupon or found it on the clearance shelf with a little pink tag on it that said otherwise. But NOW JC Penney has these new tags which are color coded and state the new pricing structure on them. For instance, a shirt that would have sold at $35 now has a blue tag on it that says $25. The prices vary on each item and they have gone as low as $2 in the clearance section. From what I understand they base the products off what isnt selling. If its not selling, the standard $24 price will then be reduced to $18, then $12, then $9, then $6, etc. Its a new way to help them get the merchandise OUT of the store and sold instead of having to ship it back to the warehouse or whatever it is they do with items that are not sold. I did see lace lined tank tops for $3 and even shirts for $6 which was super surprising to me for Penneys! The new pricing structure is even for their shoes and handbags some of the heels on the clearance shelf are as low as $9 so if youre looking for some good quality items for a cheap price DEFINITELY check out your local JC Penney and see what you can find.

Anyway! After browsing the womens section and handbag section I popped downstairs to go to the lingerie section. I wanted to pick up some new bras since I wanted to get re-measured since Ive lost weight my bras dont fit quite the way they should. JC Penney offers free bra sizings to their customers and generally the women who do the sizing are trained and/or have gone to school to learn how to do it properly. I worked with this fabulous woman who helped me tremendously. <strong>Also did you know you can purchase bras at JC Penneys and if you find at ANY TIME that the bra is not right for you, you can return it with your receipt and the tags from the garment!</strong> The sales associate that was helping me with sizing told me to wear one of the bras, see if it was what I was hoping for and if not, bring it back and shell help me find another one. This is the primary reason I buy my bras at JC Penney. Not only due to their pricing, deals and their friendly staff but they are very gracious with returns, etc. I know I have a bra from Penneys in my drawer that I havent worn, the tags are on it and I have the receipt tucked away so Im going to bring it back since its no use to me now its the wrong size!

Okay, so Ive babbled on and on, but heres what I picked up:
- Warners Elements of Bliss Lift bra in Nude <em>I paid $20 for this on sale, generally they are $22 for one or two for $17 each.</em>
- Bali One Smooth U Uplift bra in Animal print. <em>This was on clearance for $9</em>

I was going to pop by the nail salon but I had to book it out of the mall because I had an appointment to get to.

Do you purchase bras at JC Penneys?
Did you know about JC Penneys new pricing structure?

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