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2 years ago

My parents and sisters were out of town last week so I was able to experiment with some new dishes and makes some new food! Now green beans are not new to me, but I wanted to make them a little more flavorful and add some depth to them, and here is how I did it!
Here`s what you need to recreate this side dish!
- Package of Frozen Green Beans (or Fresh)
- Half onion
- Bacon bits
- Soy Sauce
- Butter
- Salt
- Pepper

Here`s what you do:
You`re going to start this journey by boiling a small pot of water. If you use frozen green beans you don`t have to worry about thawing them, but if you`re using fresh ones you will want to give them a rinse just to make sure they`re clean. Once your water is boiling give your beans a nice hot bath. Frozen green beans will take a few minutes longer then the fresh ones, and if you like them slightly crunchy like i do, you`ll want to stand by and watch them cook! Remove your green beans from the hot water and dry the green beans off on a towel.
Now grab a small sauce pan and put it on medium pan and throw in some butter. While the butter melts chop up your half onion. You can chop it anyway you like, I cut mine up into thin strips. Throw your cut onions into the hot pan and give them a good sauté. I like my onions crispy so I let them go a little longer and get a little darker. Then you just put them in a dish on the side.
Now add a little bit more butter to your sauté pan and keep it hot! Throw in your green beans and give them a few minutes to get re-heated and maybe even a little toasty, don`t forget to add in your sautéed onions! Give a sprinkle of salt and pepper and let them get nice and hot!
The next two parts are optional so if you like classic green beans stop here, you`re ready to serve!
For those of you ready for something more out of the box here we go!
You can add a tons of different things at this point depending on what you`re serving with your green beans. You could add Terriyaki sauce for an asian tang, or a bit of italian dressing for a sour fresh bite!
I was serving mine with a more sweet pasta so I took a salty route for my green beans and added a few tables spoons of soy sauce. Now this is where it`s important to keep your pan toasty. If your pan is to cold your beans will just soak in the liquid. You want the liquid to caramelize and steam into your veggies, believe me it will make a difference!
Now another optional step, again I did this to add a little salt to the dish! I threw in half a handful of bacon bits. It doesn`t make a great difference, but it adds a new texture and smoky flavor to the beans!
I personally LOVE this side dish! It is great whether you keep it classic or add your own touches!
Green beans are really a blank canvas, you can add and adapt their flavor to whatever dish you want to serve! Plus they`re delicious!

Photo run down!
Picture 1: My Sautéed Onions
Picture 2: Boiling Green Beans
Picture 3: Sautéing the green beans with the onions
Picture 4: The final dinner. Seared chicken with a white wine sauce with soy green beans on a bed of cantanelli pasta.

The Photographs above all belong to me, please do not take them.
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