Jared Leto Estranged Weight Loss!

4 years ago

I saw this on TV and for sure I had to post about this. Lately a lot of celebrity are losing weights left to right to play a role in a movie. For instance, 50 cents, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey (recently) and now Jared Leto? Here are pictures of him being shirtless and see how small his stomach, body is. For his role in the movie Jared Leto will play a flamboyant cross-dresser with HIV. The movie is called The Dallas Buyers Club. Its not like I suggest you guys to do it, but if you want to know how to lose 30lbs in 21 days... All you gotta do is STOP EATING! Yup, that`s what Jared Leto did to look like this, but of course we wouldn`t want too. With this weight loss this would be him losing up to 90lbs from his recent weight. He weighted more than he would is because he gained a bunch a weight to play John`s Lennon`s killer, Mark David Chapman. An easy way to lose 30lbs in a safer way than starving yourself would be the following. Changing your lifestyle and keep doing it until you`re satisfy with your weight. Take daily walks and don`t forget to stretch as well. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and so on. Avoid eating fried food, sugary food, sodas, junk food, fast food, pasta, carbs, corn, bread, burgers etc. Exercise daily as well. That`s a very important routine everybody must do. Questionnaire: 1. Would you lose a lot of weight for a role? 2. Are you happy with your weight? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. http://worldofwonder.net/posts/tag/jared-leto/ fitness

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