*Japans New Creepy Anti-Aging Mouthpiece*

5 years ago

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Throughout the years, weve seen some pretty genius inventions from Japan, but every once in a while they come up with something so strange, so bizarre, you cant help but ask yourself what were they thinking? The new Face Slimmer anti-aging mouthpiece is one of those things

The so-called face Slimmer was launched in Japan, late last year, by a well-known cosmetic company called Glim. Its a weird-looking rubbery thing that looks a lot like the mouth of a blow-up doll, and it supposedly solves your sagging face problem while giving you that coveted duck-face look. You know, the one every cool teenager poses with in their Facebook photos. Now, unlike most other Japanese inventions, the Face Slimmer isnt high-tech. In fact its as low tech as they come, all you have to do is put it in your mouth and start exercising your face muscles. Think of it as a squeeze punch for your mouth Crazy huh? What do you think about this invention ?
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