Japanese salad

4 years ago

This is probably the only salad I will eat with dressing.

You will see this salad served to you every time you go to a Japanese restaurant and order a meal. It`s iceberg lettuce with some romaine and red lettuce. They will add onions and tomato to it. On top, they put a special sesame dressing that tastes completely different than Western salad dressings.

The dressing itself is amazing. It`s a white vinegar based dressing with sesame oil and some horseradish and garlic. This gives it that extra punch. As the ratio of sesame oil is fairly low, it makes for a very low fat dressing, especially since the base is vinegar.

Overall, it is a healthier salad due to the dressing and the fact that there`s no croutons or cheese or bacon bits added to it.

If you want to purchase the salad dressing, it usually costs about a $4 premium over all other salad dressings and comes in the form of a glass bottle. For me, it is worth it because I really don`t eat any other salad dressings.

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