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6 years ago

Japanese fashion magazines are amazing. Even if you don`t understand Japanese, most of the outfit coordinates, makeup/hair tutorials, etc. are pretty easy to comprehend.

First and foremost, I feel that Asian fashion is a lot more ahead than the styles you see here in the US. Trends seem to start in Asia/Europe and then make their way across to America.

Japanese fashion magazines like Vivi, Jelly, Blenda, Happie Nuts, CanCam, Popteen/Popsister, Ray, etc. display many unique styles and pieces. They also have a wide range of makeup and hair tutorials, all stylish and stunning.

The downside to them is the cost. They do cost a lot, ranging from around USD $6 to $20 (if you`re buying online), but many of them includes a freebie attached to the magazine. Also, there does tend to be a lot of advertisements towards the second half of these magazines, but I believe that it is completely worth it.

One should definitely invest in a Japanese magazine or even a subscription sometime, as it`s a huge book (a good 200-300+ pages!) packed full with lots of resources/inspirations for fashion. But if you aren`t willing to dish out some $$$ for one of these, there are a lot of scans available online. Kinda takes away the experience though, don`t you think?

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