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Asian skincare always seem more advanced and ahead of the game compared to American skincare lines. If you really keep up with the new cosmetic lines and skincare lines that come out each year in Japan, Korea, or China, you see just how much changes. There are ways of taking your skin that most Americans have never even heard of. There are tools that I wouldn`t even know how to use!

A friend of mine told me recently that in Japan there is a new skincare tool that is retailing for $100+ US dollars, and what it does is, you put a little of your cleanser in the dispenser, add a drop of this special liquid serum. Then you turn it on for 30 seconds until it beeps, and it mixes your cleanser into a fine foam consistency. It sounded kind of ridiculous to me because you can foam up your cleanser just by running it under water and them rubbing it between your hands. My friend has actually tried it in a store, and she says you can get the same foamy contingency by rubbing it with your hands. This is supposedly the alternative for that skincare tool, it`s a Facial Wash Net you can purchase at Diaso for $1.50. Better this than the $100+ tool LOL!

It has a plastic ring on top, and a net. You put the ring on your middle finger, put a little of your cleanser on the net, run it under water, and you rub. The foam will collect in the center of the net, and you just squeeze it out like you would a toothpaste tube. The foam is supposed to help clean your face better and really get into your pores. It is supposed to make most cleansers work better on your skin.

I did think it made a slight difference, and I`m hoping it does something for me in the long run. I`ll do an update if it does!
<em>Have you tried a Facial Wash Net before?</em>

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