Japanese engineers give a further step towards the advancement of optical computing

The optical fiber can be considered the future (which is already becoming a reality) of data transfer. This technology allows processing of a bit much faster than we used to have. However, computers are not yet ready to fully exploit the potential of this feature, because the light signals must be converted into electrical signals so they can be identified and used by hardware.
RAM memories are capable of operating ports blocking or allowing the passage of light pulses which reproduces the zeros and ones of the binary code. In theory, this would eliminate the need to convert light signals into electrical signals. In addition, energized with 30 nanowatts, this innovative component consumes five times less power than a disk storage in flash, like a stick.

Source link: http://www.tecmundo.com.br/fibra-otica/19984-engenheiros-japoneses-dao-mais-um-passo-para-o-avanco-da-computacao-optica.htm

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