Japanese court rules in favor of Samsung

4 years ago

Picture and information from source link below.

This is also a shocker for me.

Today a Japanese Judge ruled in favor of Samsung saying that the South Korean based Company did NOT violate any of Apple`s patients. The Judge, Tamotsu Shoji, basically said that the law suit that Apple brought to Japanese courts was frivolous and there was little to no proof that Samsung did so. Samsung, which has several program and application development companies in Japan, had a lawsuit filed upon it in Japan by Apple becasue Apple said that some of the patient violations were produced in Japan. A Judge in South Korea had concluded nearly the same thing in which both Companies were at fault and had to pay the other, with Apple having to pay more. However a judge in America ruled in Favor of Apple and Samsung has been forced to pay out more the $1 billion American as a result. Needless to say these mixed rulings are causing some confusion.

I say this is a shocker for me becasue... well.... Japan isn`t exactly the most Korean friendly country in the world. And vise versa.

Source link: http://news.yahoo.com/japanese-court-says-samsung-did-not-infringe-upon-132052128.html

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