Japan Clothing haul!

2 years ago

A few weeks ago I used a shopping service to order some clothes from the Japanese Disney store, and I finally got them yesterday! This is just a quick haul video mostly expressing my excitement and happiness for the order.
Disney Store Japan does not ship to the United States so a shopping service is necessary to get anything.
The clothes and accessories I ordered are from a collaboration between Disney and a famous Lolita clothing brand called Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
This order is my first brand new Lolita Brand order, all my previous brand purchases were second hand. The only thing I am missing to complete my Alice in Wonderland Coordinate is a nice fluffy petticoat to go under my skirt! As soon as I have it, i will be posting my Coord!

Here are my order details (prices are in Japanese Yen):
Clutch: 3,300
Socks: 900
Blouse: 4,900
Skirt: 5,900

The shopping service I used is Chibi Tenshi, it is run by one person and she orders all the items or picks them up in store personally (depending on how you request her too). I originally asked her to order these items online, but the skirt sold out within 5 minutes, she was an angel and went to the store and got me one.
For her kindness I told her to include an additional 500 yen to the total, just to express my gratitude.
In the end with the shopping service fee`s and the yen to USD convergence my total was $196.00.
I am so excited to finally have these Baby`s in my possession! I wish i had the courage to wear lolita sooner, yay for being a confident adult!

Also this is my first Haul video, please give any constructive criticism you can think of :) I intentionally didn`t mention the prices in the video because I wanted it to be more about the clothes and style rather than what I actually paid.

The video above belongs to me, please feel free to share my channel!
luuuxweeklyfashioncomp haul babythestarsshinebright

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0a18Jiru8I

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