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Recently I was apart of a group, named Kizuna, to travel to Japan and learn more about the Tsunami and Earthquake that occurred March 11th, 2011. Kizuna means bonds in Japanese and in this case we were there on bonds of friendship. We went to Sendai, Morioka, and Tokyo, as well as various other small cities in the Sendai region. We heard from survivors about that fateful day and about their tales, as well as tales of their friends who did not make it. It was an eye opening experience and not one that I will forget.
Here in the US when it first happened it was all over the news for a couple of weeks, but after the initial flurry of newscasts it seemed like the US swept Japan and the people`s stories under the rug and forgot about it. But not all of us forgot, we went and we learned about the clean-up process and the amazing courage and resilience of the Japanese people. None of us knew what to expect because we hadn`t heard about it for a year or two. None of us knew how far the Japanese have gotten in the clean up process. Little did we know that the Japanese have already cleaned up more than the US has after Hurricane Katrina.
Japan is definitely a wonderful country to visit especially in the Sendai region and even if you do not go to learn about what happened March 11th, 2011, or to see how far they have come since that horrific day, you can go to just appreciate the local scenery. Japan is a gorgeous place and Sendai is no exception, neither is Morioka, nor Tokyo, nor any other part of the country. If you want to travel to an exotic land, think of Japan the food is amazing and the scenery is absolutely wonderful. Life in the city is fast paced, while life in the countryside can be taken a bit more slowly. Just do not forget to bring entertainment for on the plane and a camera with plenty of extra memory space or film for pictures.

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