January Lux Box by Loose Button

5 years ago

So I thought I`d start off my 1st Luuux post with a review of Lux Box by Loose Button. If you guys haven`t heard about it, check out their website (i`ll put a link below). Basically, it is a company that sends you a handful of beauty samples every month for only $12. I subscribed in November, so this is my third box and I have to say, I`m pretty happy with what I received because this time I got 2 boxes instead of 1 !

In the black box :

1. False lashes from Velour
Really happy about this because the lashes are made with REAL MINK FUR and their retail value is $60-65 :p
2. Olay Regenerist Wrinkle revolution complex
I`m all about good skin so I cant complain
3. Tons of perfume samples
They`re all sample sizes, but i received 6 and its was nicely wrapped in a black satin bag. In last month`s box I only received 2 so this is much better.
4. Full size NYX lipstick in LSS 602 SASH
I`ve never tried NYX products, so this is basically going to determine whether I`m going to try the rest of their products!
5. Seattle`s best coffee
(already opened it and had a cup, therefore the packet isn`t in the picture, but the coffee was pretty good! )

In the white box:

1. Fekkai Advanced Brillant Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner
2. the new Schick Hydro Silk razor

I`m quite impressed, 7 products this month ! I assume people were unhappy with last month`s box, so they decided to step it up ! Haha the only negative I`d say is that I received my Lux box so late this month (January 31st) but I guess it was worth the wait ! Also, Lux Box emails you after Canada Post confirms that you`ve received your package and you`re able to give the company feedback. This is still relatively new so there are a few glitches but I think its definitely worth a try !

If any of you guys signed up for Lux box and got something different let me know ! Or if you have a question you want to ask me go ahead in the comments!


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