January Favorites!

5 years ago

These have been my favorite beauty products in the month of January...enjoy! xox

Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream in Black Raspberry Vanilla: I love using this on the back of my hands since they get so dry in the winter. It`s really moisturizing, plus the smell is very wintery and amazing!

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Need I explain? But everytime I used eyeshadow this month, chances 99/100 I would use this palette. I`ve been loving "Naked" and "Sidecar" together all over my lid, "Buck" and/or "Smog" in the crease, and "Virgin" as a highlight. I also really liked using "Toasted" all over my lid with "Darkhorse" in the crease, and "Hustle" by my lashline as a liner.

Benefit "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer: I love how this looks when I use it under my foundation! It makes my skin look glowy and radiant without looking shiny. It also makes my makeup last way longer, and has a pretty, light scent to it. And the packaging is great because A) It`s adorable and B) You turn the bottom and the product comes through tiny holes in the top so you get lots of control with it.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Light: I`ve already loves this concealer, but this month when I had those "I really don`t want to wear foundation today" days, or if I needed a stronger concealer for covering acne and/or marks, this one is great. It covers everything up so well.

Moom Organic 100% Natural Hair Remover: This is a wax that I picked up at TJ Maxx AGES ago, and finally got around to using it since I was letting my eyebrows grow out and they got too crazy to tweeze, so I used this. You use it at room temperature, and is made from sugar so it`s suppose to hurt less than other waxes, which it does! Also if you get some in your eye or mouth or something it won`t hurt or burn, and it`s non toxic so it`s fine lol. It also came with 2 little popcicle sticks and 6 cloth strips (Which they say are washable and reusable, but I just toss them out because that`s gross). I just wish I knew another place I could buy this again :(

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion: I got this eyeliner (full sized) in my Book of Shadows IV and really thought that I would never use it since I`m not a fan of liquid eyeliner. But I instantly fell in love with how small the brush on this was, so you get tons of control! I`ve been usuing it basically non stop since I`ve tried it. It`s a really dark black color, and really is waterproof.

EcoTools Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush: This brush helps cut my eyeshadow application time in half, since it`s so big and fluffy and it can apply and blend out so much product at once. Since it has a poitned tip, you could even use it in your crease if you wanted to. I already love how soft and amazing EcoTools brushes are, and this one is no different.

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm: I got this sent to me for free from Target Beauty Is My Bag last fall, and I would so buy it again! It`s been the only chapstick/balm that has been able to hydrate my dry, chapped lips. I also love how it doesn`t get all gooped up after a while like most balms. There is no flavor, but it has a slight minty feel to it, so you can basically use it whenever, or with whatever.

OPI Nail Polish in Silver Shatter: I used this basically every other time I`ve painted my nails this month. I love how it looks over pastels! Light pink, mint green, and lilac purples are my favorites. It also looks awesome with blacks. Plus, OPI seriously makes THE best Shatter polishes!

OPI Nail Polish in Planks A Lot: This color is amazing, and makes me wish it was spring! I put this on my toes last week, and when it chips off, I plan on reapplying. I`m in love with how this looks on them! Also, I loved using this with "Silver Shatter" on my hands at the beginning of the month.

Wet `n` Wild FastDry Nail Polish in Teal of Fortune: Before I loved OPI "Planks A Lot" for my toes, this was my go-to color. I had it on my toes for about the forst 3 or so weeks of January, and the last few days of December. It was just a great toe color for winter.

Those are my favorites for January! Tell me your`s!

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