January And February Favs

5 years ago

I know im kind of late of this but i decided to do it anyways since there are some things that i ve never featured before.

Okay so let`s make this quick and to the point.

- Midnight pomegranate lotion by BBW. I love this scent! Currently is my favorite scent to wear anywhere! im not good at describing scents so i wont but here the link for you to check it out your self! : http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4049847&cm_vc=200

- Duo darktone lash adhesive: At first i didnt really like this lash glue since it was so sticky and hard to remove, but also since i didnt have a lot of experience with false lashes i thought this was hard to use but then i tried some other ones and i realized that i actualyl preferred this one! it holds all day long!

- L`oreal Clean Artiste makeup remover: I havent tried many makeup removerd this is actually my first one, but i love how it isnt greasy like the neutrogena one. it does have a problem with removing mascara and liner sometimes but it`s whatever. i dont mind as of now. [:

- Knock off Chanel earrings. [top of pic] nothing much to say about this. it`s cute and convenient with any outfit. ive been wearing them almost everyday!

- Elf Eyelash curler. : ever since i began wearing makeup, the only brand eyelash curler i have used was from elf, my first one broke and for only a dollar, i couldnt help but go get another one! I havent tried any high end ones but i dont see the point when this one works so well for me!

- Benefit Bright Eye Pencil: I love how this isnt a straight up white for the water line but instead a pink. It really does brighten up your eyes and i use it with almost all my look!

- Jordana Fabu Liner: This was only $1.99 at Walgreens and i believe i actually got this a year ago but didnt realize hop good it was till now! It`s the only liquid liner i used and find eay to use too! You can defintely build it .

Tweezers: this isnt of any special brand or anything but i just wanted to share with you guys since lately i have been using tweezers so much for my eyebrows and stay hairs. i think i shall give it some props. (;

- MAybelline Great LAshes: I actually didnt like this much at first but then after using some other ones i found myself reaching torwards this one more. a full review will be coming out soon. (:

- Crest 3D whitening tooth paste: I love this! I actually see a difference with i compare to freinds and family now!

- Aussie Leave in conditioner spray: I love the spell love the bottle just lover everything. i dont know for certain that this is the cause of my hair groeth but my hair is getting longer so whatevers! :D

- Lastly is the suave mousse. I used to nopt use mousse but now that i have i will never go back!!! I like how this one doesnt make my hair greasy feeling for hard. it seems very natural.

*images are mine*
Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! Talk to you soon!

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