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So if you follow me on Instagram or saw my latest post you know I went to Japan.
And the type of personthat i am that I won`t open stuff until I write about it take a
picture of it or post it up somewhere, and now it`s time to use my goodies
plus I went to Paris since then and I have a haul tell you guys about. Japan
was on a whole Nother level when i tell you that they are like the capital of
beauty products it is so true
I didn`twant make this such a huge pose and have hundreds of pictures of everything
so here are some of my favorite I picked out

I don`t know if baby lips color has came to America or not honestly I haven`t
been out to buy make up so I don`t know I haven`t seen it but I will say hands
down they are a lot better than baby lips the pigment is crazy it`s really like
you`re putting on a lipstick and it`s very smooth to put on . there is a
burning sensation I don`t know if it`s supposed to plump your lips or not but it
doesn`t last

We all love baby lips in America the Maybelline company came out with this
maybe two or three years ago and we all went crazy .so when went to Japan
different ones I never seen before I jumped on it
I paid around 250 for each one
There`s nothing really different about them they`re still refreshing and very
soft on the lips

Maybelline baby skin
Something else to pick up from was baby skin when I was in Japan it just coming
out in America so I had no clue of what it was and I thought I would try itout .The
funny part about it is the packaging is all Japanese so I have no clue what
it says or supposed to do lol luckily I had a friend there that helped me
out and told me it`s been out for a while over there and she love but just know
a lot of the beauty products over there are for sensitive skin. I really would
like to get one from here now that I`m back in America just to see if there`s
any difference

Make up remover
Nothing really can tell you about to make a removers I have no clue of what it
says but they smelled so good and that they really leave my face really soft

My melody infinity razor
Yes I know what your think why I did Get an infinity razor. The ones in Japan
were limited-edition and there were hello kitty ones and I just wanted something
I could keep forever and when I got home I could still use and think of my
travels every time used it

Japan is like lashes central that Pack of lashes that you see there were only
two dollars

Overall the trip was amazing and I would go back just for mor beauty products

Well that`s it for now thank you guys
pic and post by monica.m

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