Janice Dickinson Without makeup!

5 years ago

She is known as the worlds first supermodel, but what does the worlds first supermodel look like without makeup? Janice Dickinson was photographed arriving at an airport in Los Angeles. In the photo, she has no makeup on what so ever and looks incredibly tired. Luckily for her, she didn`t have to carry her own luggage as she had others do it for her and she could probably sleep on the plane if she wanted to... she looks like she needs a bit of sleep.

For her flight, Janice chose to wear a comfortable looking outfit for her long travels that await her. I can`t imagine how uncomfortable it is to be on a plane all day. Janice wore a cosy cream colored knitted sweater which fitted her well and she also wore a pair of blue jeans/ jeggings that also look quite fitted. Janice completed her look with a pair of white tennis shoes over a pair of long black socks. She kept her long brown hair down and when it became cold, she put on a sleeveless cream colored vest that matched her sweater perfectly.

I think Janice`s outfit looks really good, but her face is . . . =0
wow, not what you would expect a model to look like. I`m pretty sure that she is only in her later 50`s and she looks a lot older than that I`m sad to say. I remember seeing her on America`s Next Top Model and thinking that she was super pretty and I even liked her over Tyra, but now, my mind has changed. I think she looks scary without makeup.. her lips are probably the breaking point for me. I`m sorry, but she looks better with makeup on!

What do you guys think of her without makeup?
Does she look better with or without it?

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2105198/Janice-Dickinson-looks-exhausted-arrives-airport-make-free.html

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