Jane`s Rave Review: 99¢ VO5 Clarifying Shampoo!

4 years ago

<strong>Hello lovely Luuuxers!</strong>

Today I wanted to quickly share my opinion of this clarifying shampoo that I bought from CVS for...drumroll please...<strong>79¢!!</strong> It was on sale, marked down from a whopping <strong>99¢</strong> normally! It is the <strong>VO5 Clarifying Shampoo in Kiwi Lime Squeeze</strong>. I had heard that this shampoo worked really well, and for that cheap of a price, I just had to try it.

If anyone is wondering what a clarifying shampoo is, it basically deep cleans your hair and gets rid of any buildup or residues from the continual use of hair products. I didn`t know that this residue could leave your hair dull, but when I noticed it wasn`t as shiny as it was in the past, I decided to do my research, and all signs pointed towards clarifying!

My hair has a straight texture but has a little bit of flippiness to it, so it doesn`t lie flat. It is pretty dry and a tad frizzy, so I like to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, as well as smoothing products. I used this shampoo in conjuction with my regular conditioner (Pantene Original), and OH. MY. GOODNESS. My hair was shinier and softer than it had been in a long time!!

The picture above is how my hair looks after using this shampoo, conditioning, air-drying, and straightening on the lowest setting. Normally, I feel compelled to use higher heat settings to smooth out my hair, but I didn`t need to this time! I couldn`t stop touching my hair after I used this. I am absolutely floored and I recommend this to everyone!!

That being said, using a clarifying shampoo too often can make your hair too dry and too stripped, so I plan on only using this once every two weeks or so, in conjuction with a deep conditioner.

<strong>Let me know if you`ve tried this, or if you would like to try a clarifying shampoo! I highly recommend the VO5 one to everyone, especially because it is less than a dollar investment towards beautiful, healthy hair! :) </strong>


(images are mine!)

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