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<strong>Hello Lovely Luuuxers!</strong>

I am very excited to share this purchase with you all! As some of you may know, I recently got a new job that I absolutely love. And although I have been mostly focusing on saving my money and paying off my college loans, I decided to make one large purchase of something that I had been needing for a LONG time...a new laptop!

After much research and deliberation, I decided to purchase a <strong>13" Macbook Pro!</strong> I had never owned a Mac before, so I kind of felt like I was crossing over to the "dark side", haha! But I`ve had it for about a week now and I am SO pleased with it. I thought I would struggle to learn how to operate it since I was so used to using Windows on my old Dell, but I`ve actually caught on pretty quickly and I already feel used to it!

The features I am loving the most include the built-in webcam, the excellent battery life (my old computer wouldn`t even stay on unless it was plugged in!), the applications such as iMovie and Photo Booth, and the lightning-fast speeds at which everything loads! I don`t know much about computers so I couldn`t tell you much about the specifications, but I got the basic configuration, so I didn`t add any extra RAM or hard drive space.

I am looking forward to using my Macbook for several years to come! I am looking to begin my Master`s degree in the next couple months and will eventually go to medical school, and this computer will hopefully carry me through all of those things! I also purchased the AppleCare Protection plan, so this computer will stay in good shape for a long time!

<strong>What do you think of Macbooks? Do you own one, or do you want one?</strong>


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