James Bond Style Car!

This automobile design made me think James Bond immediately. I know James Bond didn`t drive such a large car, but the style of it reminds me a lot of something 007 would drive. It might be all the dials on the inside; there are about 12+ dials on the dashboard of this car, even our tour didn`t tell us what all the dials were for. It looks pretty, but would probably be so confusing for us modern day folk to figure it out LOL! The is one very roomy automobile. A lot of cars these days are smaller and more compacted at an attempt to be eco-friendly. They weren`t thinking about that back in the day, so all cars were made with heavier metals and were probably more comfortable than hybrid cars today. I love how long and large the front of the hood is on this car, and I think that`s the part that really gives this design that sort of James Bond feel to it. The only difference is that 007 would drive on the right and not the left ;)

<em>What do you think of the car? Is it too big?</em>

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