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5 years ago

Now that LUUUX is working for me again, I can post what I planned on posting yesterday!

I went into Boston yesterday afternoon and before going home, I swung up through Roxbury and headed to a local spot I frequent when in the area (once every couple months, honestly). I can have Jamaican food anytime I want it (Im half Jamaican, so I can cook some things & both my mother and father rock the house w/ Jamaican cooking) but sometimes its nice to have someone elses Jamaican cooking. I went in and picked up some Jamaican food to bring home, but when standing there saw they had freshly fried fishcakes in the warming display for $1 each. I remember eating these when I was little girl with my dad. My dad would bring some home from his friends house and hed share them with me and my brother. Now, Im not much of a seafood enthusiast, but these I do like because its not fishy. Its chewier due to the potato its mixed with and slightly spicy thanks to the pepper in it.

So what is a fishcake? Well, its dried salt fish (salt fish, dried salt cod, bakalo [sp?]) thats been boiled in water to get all that salty goodness out. While youre boiling it, you also add in some potatoes. When done its all mashed together, similar to an American version of a cod cake, etc. Its mixed together with scotch bonnet pepper (a VERY hot pepper), egg and butter and some flour if needed, then fried until a golden and crispy goodness.

I would try making these at home, but no one would eat them. Well, my dad would and my brother might if he came down to visit but they make a decent amount of fishcakes.

This fishcake pictured was REALLY good! Definitely something Ill be picking up again whenever I find myself back in the neighborhood of the Jamaican restaurant.

<em>Have you ever tried Jamaican food?
Have you ever had a fishcake?</em>

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