Jamaican Style Chicken Patty

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">Jamaican Patty`s are one of my favorite "comfort" type foods.&nbsp; Growing up my parents, brother and I would go into the city to a little Jamaican bakery that sol<var></var>d bakery items (breads, etc.) as well as homemade food.&nbsp; These particular chicken patty`s are made by Golden Krust and are prepackaged into little microwave safe pouches (which crisp up the crust as it cooks).&nbsp; I will say, if you are going to try a frozen Jamaican patty (whether it be beef or chicken) definitely get the Golden Krust brand - it`s the best around.&nbsp; The chicken patty is a spicy ground up chicken mixture stuffed into the signature Jamaican patty crust, which is a flaky curry powdered flavored crust (which is mild) but the meat mixture can be pretty spicy, but not overly spicy, unless you`re buying the box that says "HOT" on it.&nbsp; I really like this chicken variety -- whereas I have tried other frozen chicken
patty`s and they were just a horror show.&nbsp; The beef variety is also good -- but as I said anything by Golden Krust is delish.</div>
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