Jamaican Cream Soda

4 years ago

Jamaican Cream Soda, something I love but don`t have often. Why`s that? Well, it`s sugar based soda (I only drink diet aside I splurge on this once in a while) -- cane sugar, to be exact. It`s made with unbleached can sugar so the soda is able to keep a crystal clear shade compared to regular cream soda in stores which has an amber/gold hue. I typically enjoy this the most when I am having authentic Jamaican food -- whether it being a plate of food or a patty and coco bread. It just ties it all together for me. Since I don`t like gingerbeer (another version of Jamaican soda made from ginger -- and no that does NOT taste like gingerale) I was introduced to Jamaican cream when I was younger. Love it and have loved it since. Since it`s not something my family typically has often, when we see it at someone`s house we`re like "Ohhhh" it just brings back memories and everyone wants a cup. If I`m buying I get the small glass bottle ... but if we`re having a lot of people over and I KNOW the soda will go we get a 2 liter (which tends to be harder to find these days).

Do you like cream soda?

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