Jalapeno Cheddar flavored Popcorn

4 years ago

I love cheddar flavored popcorn so when I saw jalapeno flavor popcorn I picked it up. I love jalapeno potato chips, so I figured it would be a nice blend with cheddar since cheddar can sometimes cool down heat associated with peppers. I dont particularly love cheddar cheese, I dont eat it, but I do love some cheddar snacks (cheez its, smartfood popcorn, etc.) I also bought it because of the brand Herrs makes some of the best flavored potato chips around and I had hoped it would transfer over into the popcorn realm. Well my immediate thought of this being yummy was quickly diminished after a few bites. At first it was spicy and spicy turned into holy crap this is wicked hot. It was too spicy to enjoy. My boyfriend didnt want any after I complained about how hot they were, so these inevitably ended up in the garbage can since I wasnt going to bring these home (we went away for a long weekend) to try to torment myself through the bag. Wasnt worth it and I wont be buying them again. And I know I wont be buying the buffalo one they had because I can ONLY imagine how hot those are.

Do you like flavored popcorn?

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