`Jack` could have survived in `Titanic`

4 years ago

It is one of the most famous scenes of the work `Titanic`: after the sinking of the ship, `Jack` (Leonardo DiCaprio) puts `Rose` (Kate Winslet) on a cutting board and allow to stand in sea ice on the grounds that it does not can with the weight of both. Result? Eventually die, while she is rescued by the team of survivors who return to the site.

However, the TV show `Mythbusters`, the Discovery Channel, decided to analyze scientifically the issue and concluded that `Jack` could have survived since the wreck of wood that supports `Rose` had weight and dimension sufficient to support the two.

The director of the film, which received eleven Academy Awards, acknowledged that the death of `Jack` in Arctic sea gave numerous comments and decided to collaborate with the team in the series to prove his thesis.

"It is not a question of space, but buoyancy. When `Jack` puts `Rose` on the board, he tries to climb too. It`s not an idiot, do not want to die. But the board sinks and stir. Thus it is clear that only when a character floats on top, "said James Cameron to IGN portal, quoted by EFE.

Different opinion has the team of `Mythbusters`. In the program, broadcast in the U.S. on Sunday, presenters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to prove his own body that the pair protagonist had enough weight to stay on the board. More: Savage and Hyneman were on top of the board within 63 minutes, supposedly, Rose stayed until being rescued.

The team concludes that the death of `Jack` was "unnecessary" and the romantic couple could have been saved.

"I think we are deviating from the topic point. If the argument says that Jack dies, he must die, "countered James Cameron.

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