Jack Black Lip Balm (Vanilla amp Lavender)

4 years ago

Ever since I first tried the Jack Black Balms, I have been hooked. I really do think they are the very best lip balm I have come across. For a long time I only used the Lemon & Chamomile. I have finally tried another flavor. This one is the Vanilla & Lavender. I know a lot of people love the one with mint, but I have sensitive lips and products with mint, camphor, or menthol ingredients cause me to have an allergic reaction. So, as you might have guessed, I`m hesitant to even attempt wearing the Jack Black Mint & Shea Butter lip balm. However, they have a decent amount of other flavors for me to work my way through. They have Shea Butter & Vitamin E, Mango & Mandarin, Black Tea & Blackberry, Grapefruit & Ginger, Lemon & Chamomile, Natural Mint & Shea Butter, and Vanilla & Lavender, They are made with natural ingredients and are mixed with skin conditioners and antioxidants. They glide on so easily and have a cushy feel to them. I don`t find them to be sticky and uncomfortable. I love the way they feel on the lips. Immediately after application my lips feel hydrated and soothed. I have come to look at these balms as a must-have item in the winter. I keep one in my purse so I`m not without one while out. I have another in my lip product drawer for home use. If you haven`t tried these, give one a go and I think you`ll be converted too! You can buy these online through several etailers. I`ve ordered mine through http://Apothica.com for $7.50. It does seem like a high dollar amount for a balm when you stop and think a single tube of Chapstick can be purchased for just around $1.00, but a little goes a long way and the ingredients are superior. The moisturizing Chapsticks do feel nice and protect, but the Jack Black Balms (I feel) help to heal my chapped lips plus protect and moisturize. And the flavors they come in smell very, very good. Speaking of the scent. The Vanilla & Lavender is stronger on the lavender. This isn`t a bad thing, for me. I don`t pick up on much vanilla but since I enjoy the smell of lavender, I`m still a fan. It has a true straight-from-your-garden floral yet medicinal scent. Don`t let me saying medicinal scare you off. If you have smelled a real lavender plant, it has a natural herbal smell to it. It`s earthy and amazing. All around, two thumbs up from me. If you struggle with chapped lips (any time of year), give these a whirl. Within a few days you`ll see massive improvements.
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