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4 years ago

Today I watched TED movie. Honestly I really enjoyed it. The movie was hilarious.I recommend this movies if your looking to have a good laugh.Go watch This Movie i give it 5 true knee slaps and a TRUE DOE!------->>>>> MOVIE PLOT(ALERT CONTAINs SPOILERS) In the movie a young boy by the name of John got a teddy bear for Christmas then he wished for him to talk. John got what he wished for, word spread and TED became famous. After a while nobody really cared anymore.When the two became adults in age they never really grew up at heart.John was in a relationship with his girlfriend of 4 years. TED started to become a nuisance , as long as TED was around John wouldn`t grow up. John`s girlfriend Lori wanted John to know if he didn`t get it together it`s over. So now John is torn because he want to keep both TED and Lori in his life. Until TED calls and tells John Flash Gordan at TED`s house . John ends up going ditching Lori her company party. When Lori find out she heated and she puts John out. John then gets mad at TED and says he doesn`t want to speak to him anymore. Now John is miserable , he has lost the love of his life & his bestfriend. Torn in between the two TED shows up at Johns hotel room and informs him Lori is out with her boss to a Norah Jones concert .(btw lori`s boss is obsessed with her and begs to date her) Anywho TED and josh get into a big fist fight and TED comes up with an idea to get Lori back. TED knows Norah so she lets John get on stage and sing the octopussy theme song , which was john and Lori`s song. Then Lori has to think this over and TED gets kidnapped by Donny and his son. TED get in touch with John he couldn`t finish.But John has the creeper kidnappers number from when they were at the park when Donny asked to buy TED. On a high speed chase Lori and John is Chasing Donny and his fat son. When TED is trying to get away Donny the creeper torn TED in half & TED fell to the ground and died. Then John and Lori rushed TED home to sew him back up. This didnt work until lori aw a shooting star and wish for TED back. John Thought it was thee end but no, Lori wish came true and John realize that he didnt want to lose anyone ever agin so he finally purposed to Lori and they lived happily ever after.

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