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4 years ago

So first off id like to establish this: this article is purely my opinion!Now id like to state the this fact...luuux isn`t for people who don`t have a lot of followers or people who idolize them. I came to luuux because i heard of the luuuxury it gives.Now I`ve realized i do enjoy blogging more but I would like some over the incentive as well.But as a normal person on this site it inst working out. It takes extreme amounts of time and effort to get what you want here. My goal was to make an account and do reviews and share my thoughts and get and ipad. Okaee it been 3 days since I`ve made my account and i don`t have that many luuux which really disappoints me. Then people don`t really comment on my articles , people don`t like my page , or add me as a friend. The point is this makes me extremely upset and being mad about it wont change anything and it will take forever to get the ipad ... btw they don`t even have ipads for america only Europe. I mean seriously come on with the jokes but i guess. Anyways i still continue to blog here even though the process is very slow & hopefully nobody flags this. THANKS FOR READING REMEMBER LIKE ADD FOLLOW SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT & ALL THAT JUNKIEE JAZZ ! ! ! ! *the pic aint mines!* link below

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